About Us

About KET

KET Enterprises Incorporated was created as a Texas corporation in 1989 for the purpose of marketing and selling commercial real estate. Since its inception, KET has specialized in the brokerage of apartment complexes in the Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio areas, "A", “B” and “C” properties, 200 units and larger.

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Our Associates

Kay Tyrrell

Founder, President and Sole Shareholder

Kay Tyrrell graduated Phi Beta Kappa from SUNY Binghamton in New York. Since 1974, her career has integrated all aspects of real estate finance, acquisition, disposition, management, administration and law. Prior to founding KET Enterprises, she worked for major law firms, title companies, and management companies. Additionally, she administered operations and compliance issues for the largest of the RTC SAMDA contractors. Kay continues to utilize her extensive experience through the management and operations of KET Enterprises.

Tom Wilkinson

Vice President and KET’s Licensing Broker

Tom Wilkinson has performed real estate marketing serves for institutional and individual investors since 1972. He has a BA in Mathematics from Rice University and an MBA in Real Estate Investments from the University of Texas. In addition to brokering real estate, Tom previously owned and operated more than 80 properties. Tom has successfully marketed properties for and to dozens of individual, business and institutional sellers and buyers, including REO properties for the RTC, FNMA and FreddieMac.

Hashir Saleem

Senior Associate/Broker/Investment Sales

Hashir Saleem is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker involved in real estate marketing services for institutional and individual investors. Hashir holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA from Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business.

Faith Chandler

Executive Assistant

Faith Chandler is a licensed Texas Real Estate Salesperson with a background in commercial management and leasing. She is responsible for the creation of marketing packages, research, modifying KET's website, managing digital media and the dissemination of data to buyers and sellers.

Robyn Heliece Jenkins

Marketing Analyst

Robyn Heliece Jenkins is a licensed Texas Real Estate Salesperson who holds a BBA in Business Management from Texas Southern University and an MBA from Texas Woman's University. She is responsible for interfacing with clients, market research, modifying KET's website, managing digital media, the creation of marketing packages and dissemination of data to buyers and sellers.

Nancy Romo

Administrative Assistant

Nancy Romo has extensive administrative experience in the corporate and financial sectors,including contract negotiations from conception to closing. She assisted with day-to-day operations including payroll, office management, and customer service. She is responsible for client relations, office organization, file maintenance, and for assisting KET’s Brokers including dissemination of data to buyers and sellers.

Lely Ortiz

Administrative Assistant Operations

Lely Ortiz has extensive administrative experience in the corporate, financial and government sectors. She is responsible for bookkeeping and for assisting KET’s President with the operation and management of the company.